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The CircularKnowledge Institute (CKI) is an International ThinkTank, focussing on Digitalization, Sustainability and Innovation. We conduct research and offer advisory to companies, so they can better understand and act upon their impact to society on these three areas to maximize business impact and shared value.

While we also conduct proprietary research, our main focus is on using existing knowledge and putting it together differently to create new solutions – easily applicable to companies and organizations.

Over the last decade, innovation and digitalization have become critical skills for achieving success in developed economies. The need for creative problem solving has grown, as more and more management problems require new and fresh insights to find suitable solutions. At the same time, the expectations from Society at a large has tremendously grown, demanding more transparency on business operations, inquiring on product life cycles, asking about the respect for human rights and push companies to reduce their global environmental impact.

While Digitalization and Innovation can significantly contribute to solve a lot of today’s burning problems, the new technologies and how they are applied can also create some unintended consequences and lead to new forms of Corporate Responsibility. The CircularKnowledge Institute examines, how Digital Innovation can impact Society (positive or negative) and what that means for companies and NGO’s.



Prof. Dr. Thomas Osburg speaking at the following Conferences:

Mar 01, 2017: ABIS Webinar: Social Sustainability – The Impact of Digitalization >>

Mar 09, 2017: Deutscher Innovationsgipfel, Munich >>

Mar 28, 2017: Forschungsgipfel 2017, Berlin >>

Mar 30, 2017: UPJ-Jahrestagung, Berlin >>

Apr 04, 2017: Extraordinary Future Forum, Berlin >> >> Video >>

Apr 04-05, 2017: Deutsches CSR-Forum, Ludwigsburg >>

May 09-10, 2017:  BMBF: Was tun mit der Agenda 2030?, Berlin >>

May 10-11, 2017: ABIS – Knowledge into Action Forum, Brussels >>

May 12-13, 2017: Digital Science Match, Berlin >>

May 24, 2017: Opening MBA Program ISM, Vilnius >>

May 29, 2017: Jahreskonferenz Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung, Berlin >>

>> Conferences Archive here