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The Academic Network is the backbone of our Research activities. It mainly consists of leading Universities, Research Institutions and Associations that collaborate with us in various ways – to create and disseminate knowledge. Here are some of our key Network Partners:


ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society is a global network of over 130 companies and academic institutions whose expertise, commitment and resources are leveraged to invest in a more sustainable future for business in society. ABIS enables informed decision-making on business in society issues through collaborative research, education, thought leadership, policy insights and business acumen.


Teaching and research with practical relevance, bringing an international environment to life, challenging and supporting the students. Hochschule Fresenius is certified as a privately funded, state-approved university of applied sciences. The university offers full-time and part-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as well as vocational training and further education at 10 locations worldwide.


Founded in 1559 by Jean Calvin, the University of Geneva (UNIGE) is dedicated to thinking, teaching, dialogue and research. With 16’000 students of more than 140 different nationalities, it is Switzerland’s second largest university.

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As one of the youngest business schools in all of Germany the WFI chooses its students in due consideration of knowledge, competencies and social skills for more than ten years. Future students await just outstanding conditions for studying in many respects.


ESADE is an international academic institution with over fifty years of history. The main asset of this business school are people: faculty members and professionals who nurture reflection, dialogue, projects and initiatives to ensure excellent education, pioneering research and a valuable contribution to social debate and transformation.

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INIT (Institute for Transformation in Business and Society) at the European Business School (EBS) is preparing its students for transformational change in industry  and society. It identifies drivers and barriers and helps both commercial firms and social organizations to successfully deal with transformational change.


For over fifty years, IESE, the graduate business school of the University of Navarra, has been at the forefront of management education, developing and inspiring business leaders who strive to make a deep, positive and lasting impact on the people, companies and society they serve.


Cologne Business School (CBS) is an internationally orientated, state-recognised university of applied sciences and counts as one of Germany’s top Business Schools. The CBS study programs are checked regularly by the tri-national accreditation agency, FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) as regards content, topicality and academic feasibility.


In the framework of the “Comprehensive University Innsbruck” concept the MCI strives to mentor motivated people, who want to build their future through goal-oriented continuing education, in their personal and professional development. he Management Center Innsbruck links together the best out of science, economy and consulting to the unique concept of an international Entrepreneurial School®

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The „Institut für Soziale Innovationen“ (ISI) is a central scientific Institution of the “Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg”. Led by Prof. Dr. Christoph Zacharias, the goal is to develop inter- and transdisciplinary teaching concepts, research initiatives and consultancy projects, based on the model of „Teaching for Social Innovation“.